Vegas couple arrested for animal cruelty in TX

Joseph Bakkedahl (Santa Fe Cops Department)Joseph Bakkedahl (Santa Fe Cops Department)

The Penske truck the couple left the dogs in. (Courtesy of KHOU-TV)The Penske truck the couple left the dogs in. (Courtesy of KHOU-TV)

One of the rescued Yorkies. (Courtesy of KHOU-TV)One of the rescued Yorkies. (Courtesy of KHOU-TV)

Another rescued Yorkie. (Courtesy of KHOU-TV)Another rescued Yorkie. (Courtesy of KHOU-TV)

Kristine Fisher (Santa Fe Cops Department)Kristine Fisher (Santa Fe Cops Department)


A Las Vegas NV couple has-been arrested (taken in to custody) in Santa Fe, TX & charged with animal cruelty after police discovered they had left four dogs in a moving truck in squalid conditions.

According to the Santa Fe Cops Department, the occurrence began as a call about an intoxicated person. Cops located Joseph Lyle Bakkedahl, 36, of Las Vegas NV & charged him with possession of synthetic marijuana.

Bakkedahl mentioned to police in that he had used a Penske moving truck to relocate from Las Vegas NV to Santa Fe a few days prior.

Police had earlier in the day received a call from a Santa Fe business, alerting them to two intoxicated persons who asked if they could park their moving truck in front of the business for a week.

Police located the moving truck & could hear animals whimpering in the back. They opened the truck by cutting a lock & located four small dogs in crates in the rear of the truck.

Police asserted the truck was hot, had no ventilation & had flies buzzing around in it. The crates were filled with feces & urine. The dogs, all Yorkies, one of which is pregnant, were in poor condition & were provided with neither food nor water.

The dogs were taken by animal control.

Police after located Bakkedahl’s wife, Kristine Joan Fisher, 44, moreover of Las Vegas, & arrested (taken in to custody) her on animal cruelty charges.

Police believe the couple intended to abandon the dogs in the moving truck. Reportedly Penske, the truck was two weeks overdue & was in the process of being reported stolen.

The couple could be facing charges related to the Penske truck in addition to animal cruelty charges.

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