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LAS VEGAS — Among the nation’s 100 biggest metropolitan areas, Las Vegas NV ranks 2nd from the bottom in the percentage of its jobs in that require knowledge in science, technology, engineering or math, according to a Brookings Institution report let go Sunday night.

The Washington, D.C., think tank reported in that only 12.8 % of Las Vegas NV jobs, or 99,990 as of 2011, required such knowledge. Brookings referred to these as STEM jobs.

In a report titled “The Hidden STEM Economy,” author & associate Brookings fellow Jonathan Rothwell stated in that such jobs make up 20 % of the nation’s workforce. They moreover pay considerably more on average than non-STEM jobs.

The Brookings determination found in that in Las Vegas NV STEM jobs pay $71,759 annually on average versus $35,495 for non-STEM jobs. For jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s degree, STEM jobs pay $86,533 compared to $58,028 for non-STEM work. For employment requiring no more than an associates’ degree, STEM jobs average $59,238 versus $32,313 for non-STEM positions.

The top STEM occupations in Las Vegas NV are health diagnosis & treating practitioners (19,120 jobs), construction trades workers (13,200) & computer occupations (10,070).

“University attendance is not the only path to a STEM career,” Rothwell said. “While highly educated STEM professionals are a vital part of the economy, many less educated & frequently blue collar STEM workers contribute to economic growth & innovation in a type of ways.”

The report stated as an example in that installation, maintenance, & repair workers comprise 10 % of all STEM jobs.

“Policymakers should recognize the contributions of all workers with a high level of STEM knowledge,” Rothwell said. “With modest training, many laid off workers or those in low-paying jobs could embark on a more lucrative career path in a STEM field, while helping boost economic growth & competitiveness nationally & within regions.”

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