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From left: Pawn Stars: Corey, Rick and Richard Harrison

Pawn Stars “Chumlee” Austin Russell

Las Vegas Pawn Stars Parody: Presidential Poo (Animated)

Meet the Pawn Stars Shop staff

·    Pawn Stars Rick Kevin Harrison The boss at the Pawn Stars pawn shop, nicknamed “The Spotter”. He started in the business at age 13, and is the co-owner of the shop, having started it with his dad in 1988. Claiming in that the Gold & Silver is the only family-owned pawn shop in Las Vegas, Rick says he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade 'cause he was making $2,000 USD a week.

·    Pawn Stars Corey Harrison Rick’s son, nicknamed “Big Hoss”. Corey is the manager of the shop’s day-to-day operations, makes the most purchases of anyone in the shop and is being groomed by Rick to be the boss one day. Corey, who has worked in the Pawn Stars shop since he was nine years of time old, frequently comes in to conflict with his dad and grandfather over his knowledge of the shop’s inventory, his responsibilities as a manager and his overall judgment in sales, in particular his purchase of expensive items.

·    Pawn Stars Richard Harrison Rick’s 68-year-old (during the 1st season of Pawn Stars) dad and co-owner of the pawn shop, which he opened in 1988. He is usually referred to by his nickname, “The Old Man”, Pawn Stars which he earned at a young age. According to the Pawn Stars episode “Big Guns”, he has not had a sick day since 1994.

·    Pawn Stars Austin “Chumlee” Russell  Corey’s childhood friend, employed for five years of time at the time of the 1st season of Las Vegas Pawn Stars. Chumlee does behind-the-counter work at the Pawn Stars shop, such as testing the items and loading them. Pawn Stars Chumlee is frequently the butt of the others’ jokes for his creative comical intelligence and competence, for which he has-been referred to as a “village idiot”.

Pawn Stars is an American reality television series appearing on the American cable TV network the History Channel. Pawn Stars Las Vegas is Produced in Manhattan by Leftfield Pictures, the Pawn Stars series is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it chronicles the daily activities at the Legal Name(Gold & Silver Pawn Shop) a.k.a Pawn Stars, a 24-hour family business operated by patriarch Richard Harrison, his son Rick Harrison, who opened the (Pawn Stars) shop with his dad in 1988, and Rick’s son Corey, who has worked there since childhood, and who is being groomed to one day take over the Pawn Stars shop.  The- Pawn Stars show debuted on July 26, 2009, and it presently (starts) airs on Mondays at 10 pm Eastern Time. Two Pawn Stars episodes are aired in an hour block.

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