<!– google_ad_section_start –> <!– –>If the - European Central Bank’s Governing Council can’t agree about buying sovereign bonds, it’s complex to blame economists for failing to agree on whether it ever will. A split is thus as evident among ECB-watchers as it is between policy makers. In making forecasts, weak growth & inflation must be balanced against Germany’s aversion to quantitative easing & practical considerations in addition to how & whether it would work. More … Read the rest

Global markets remained generally upbeat this week, initially more on the - absence of any new offensive news than on the - presence of any acceptable news. We then moved toward building on better earnings news from global bellwethers companies in addition to Apple & Caterpillar & a better than expected (albeit still anemic) pulse of expansion inside the - eurozone, courtesy of a purchasing managers’ index. That the - U.S. consumer is O.K. (heading … Read the rest

(RNN) – Fans of teams not in the - SEC are jealous, outraged & ireful. What else is new? Four of the - top 5 teams in the - AP Poll are in the - SEC West: No. 1 Mississippi State, No. 3 Ole Miss, Alabama is ranked fourth, followed by Auburn.Just fuming are fans of Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma & Florida State, which is ranked No. 2 & hasn’t looked so acceptable this year. … Read the rest

Billionaire William Foley is betting hockey will sell in Las Vegas . Foley is in advanced talks with the - NHL about bringing the - 1st major league sports franchise to Las Vegas, The Post has learned. “He’s the - real deal,” a source said. “He has deep pockets. His goal is to bring an NHL team to Vegas starting with the - 2017-18 season, which would mark the - league’s 100th anniversary. If he … Read the rest